Welcome to the Family, We Love You Already.


Now that you have received your Messenger (Beta Bird) we are anxious to hear your feedback. Please feel free to detail your experience completely, this means the awesome, the good, the bad and the not awesome.

Don't worry, you won't hurt our feelings, we want to know what you think. We are counting on you to give us the real DEAL! Please note: you can fill out your beta form anonymously if you choose.

At this point I assume you have all gone to visit www.nomadicgifts.com and clicked MAP in the upper navigation. This is how you gain access to set up your private profile.

You will be the first person in the online journey for your Messenger so don't forget to register! Here are a few notes to consider::

  • You can give your Messenger a name / title. You might name it after someone special or name it after the occasion for which you received it.
  • You can upload images and captions in your gallery. These will be seen by all those after you who receive your Messenger. 
  • You might add family photos with your Messenger, or selfie / location photos...be creative it's a lovely way to share your experience.
  • You will be plotted on the map by the zip code of your choosing. The zip code you choose can be any location that is special to you. Your home, wedding location, favorite restaurant, etc.