The concept of Nomadic Gifts and The Messenger began in NE Minneapolis and  has continued to grow as it resonates with those seeking a more unique and stylish alternative to traditional gift-giving.


With a shared love for adventure and passion for travel, Miles and Becky are currently on an overseas journey while working, playing and living in Australia & New Zealand. The year 2015 - being one of many years of travel - brings the exciting launch of Nomadic Gifts that will keep them on the path in life of their creative pursuit of a dream.

After slimming down possesions to live a more simple life, Nomadic Gifts was born out of their minimalist philosophy and their desire for a more eco-friendly existence. The goal was to create something beautiful in alignment with this lifestyle. This new concept of “designing gifts that are meant to be regifted” is a fun exercise in letting go of attachment to material things and allowing our thoughts, ideas, and interactions with each other become the true (gift) legacy. The vision for the future of Nomadic Gifts is to create many more products all created by Becky & Miles and set free by you to travel the world. The charm is watching in the online map as the gift goes from person to person for each new occasion! If You Love It, Set It Free.

The Messenger project product launch was successfully funded on Kickstarter in June 2015. The first batch of birds have all been hand-poured in our ceramic studio and delivered to begin the official first year of Nomadic Gifts. In addition the mobile apps (iPhone & Android) are being completed in preparation for a companion application to the current online map.